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Love as Evidence of Being a Christ Follower

Love is a deep topic and there a variety of ways in which we can speak of love. For this, we'll look at some Scriptures about how Christians can truly love God and others and we'll see how that shows we are born again.

First off, once we have a new heart, God works through us to the extent that we start to follow and do what he asks us to do. Ezekiel 33:30-32 says "As for you, son of man, your people are talking together about you by the walls and at the doors of the houses, saying to each other, 'Come and hear the message that has come from the LORD.' My people come to you, as they usually do, and sit before you to hear your words, but they do not put them into practice. Their mouths speak of love, but their hearts are greedy for unjust gain. Indeed, to them you are nothing more than one who sings love songs with a beautiful voice and plays an instrument well, for they hear your words but do not put them into practice.

If we speak of loving one another, let us actually put what we learn into practice and be sincere.

[John 13:34-35] “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Looking at 1 John 2:9-11, we can reason that hate is the evidence of blindness to the light of God. Love is the evidence that sight has been given to the blind. Walking in darkness means being controlled by desires for this world instead of desires for God. The reason this is called walking in darkness is that the only way people can desire things more than God is if they are blind to the light of God. Loving others is proving you are of the light.

Are you blind to the light of God?
All of us have had blindness removed to some extent. The major ones are: Jesus is God, there is a heaven, an eternity, a hell, truth is real rather than relative.
In what ways are you blind right now? I asked purposefully because if you knew, that would no longer be considered blindness. So, how can you figure out where you are blind? You can read Scripture and ask people (namely Christians). Avoid asking your lost, non-Christian friend who will say living with your b/f or g/f is alright.
Other examples: women are blind to how they dress (by wearing minimal clothing), men fail to understand they should pray with their kids, some people think they can date non-Christians, and some think they have no need for fellowship.

Now if someone knows they should dress more appropriately, pray with their kids, only date Christians but continue to do so anyway, then they are suppressing the truth due to their own unrighteousness.

[1 John 2:15-17]
Can a person love the things in the world and God the Father? Answer: no; is one or the other. To love the world or the things within refers to being devoted to. You still love the people who love things in the world because they need Christ. As Jesus said, "No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money" (Matthew 6:24).
So if you love the world, that would put in with the God-haters whether you think you are or not. You preach with all of your life. Overall, do you preach “love Jesus” or “love worldliness”? What are you devoted to? We always need to be on guard.
The world will eventually be gone. If your devotion and hope is in something that will vanish, you will be left with disappointment, hopelessness, and despair.

Where the book of James talks about this life being a mist, I get so much encouragement from that.
[1 John 5:2] Why does loving God and obeying his commandments show that we love others?
How do you love so many people: roommates, spouse, neighbors, co-workers, supervisor, others on the road, cashiers, family members, relatives, etc. The answer: love God. How is this going to love them? If God loves you and you love God, you will love other people. I feel so loved by my wife when I see her reading her Bible or praying in small group or serving people. When she delights in God, I feel loved. Love is coming to me through her from God.
Let us be kind, honest, merciful, challenging… feed people, clothe people, and tell them about Jesus.
[1 John 5:3] Keep his commandments? This is a big book; with lots of things to follow. But we have the right father and his commandments are not burdensome.
Do you have a hard time doing something you desire doing? What are some examples? The point is his commandments are desirable; his will is your delight.
What is burdensome is fighting against God.
The evidence of salvation (that God abides in you and you in God) is not perfect faith or perfect love. The evidence is that the current of your affections flows toward God, so that God is your delight, even in affliction, and love is the labor of your life, even toward your enemies.
If you love God, you will love what he wills. If you say you love God yet hate what he loves, that is empty talk.

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